Ascot Radiology and Insight Radiology offer radiologists, clinical and support staff an exciting and supportive professional experience. We strive to provide a stimulating environment and encourage professional development and training opportunities. We ensure that our people have access to leading edge technologies, facilities and state of the art equipment and the benefit of our team of experienced clinicians' combined knowledge and skills.

Our aims are not only to attract qualified New Zealand staff, but to upskill existing staff through training schemes and to convince internationally qualified people to consider coming to New Zealand to work with our businesses.

For more information on working with our Radiology businesses or to express your interest, please see below:

Ascot Radiology
Simone Bowden
T: + 64 9 520 9547
A: PO Box 28 268, Auckland, New Zealand
Insight Radiology
Leigh Kennedy
T: +64 9 373 5988